Work Readiness Training

When candidates walk into the DWDE office for the first time an assessment is done which includes an application form, basic maths literacy, and basic verbal reasoning. This assessment helps to see on which level the candidates are. Following this, the candidates go through an individual interview to determine what plans they have for their future career wise. This interview also helps to assess their level of communication. Based on the application form, the assessments and the interview a Personal Career Plan is developed identifying the candidates need for skills development.

Many of the candidates do not know how to write a CV and do not know how to present themselves in an interview. Therefore, CYDiSA offers CV and interview skills workshops, where candidates are taught how to write a proper CV and how to tackle basic interview questions. After these workshops candidates may attend a computer literacy course or training on communication and presentation skills.

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The CYDiSA programme has been able to successfully recruit candidates into learner-ship opportunities, and place others in genuine employment.  The experiences show that there is a large need for the services provided by CYDiSA both from the candidates’...